Maryland Senior Mentor Newsletter – Nov 7th

Hello Maryland FRC teams,

BAA Education Day

Thank you to the Baltimore Area Alliance for hosting a great day of session for FRC teams this part week.  Thanks as well to all the presenters.  We are working on gathering the presentations from the presenters and will post them here as they become available.

Bag and Tag Exemptions

The deadline to apply for a Bag and Tag exemption is December 7th.  Those teams who may be traveling to events and need to ship their robots for whatever reason need to submit a request to FIRST to  Your request should include as much detail as possible to support why an exemption is required.  The subject line should be “Bag and Tag Exemption Request, Team XXX.”  If you have any questions, let me know.

Initial Event Registration

The deadline for teams to pay their initial event registration is December 7th.  Payment terms and methods to submit payments are outlined here.  If your team foresees issues in getting your payment in on time, please let me know.

Preparing for the Kickoff

Many of you have already signed up for the local Kickoff at Capitol College on January 5th.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  We are working on identifying possible workshops for that day.  If you have interest in something particular, please let me know in the next week or so.  Your team may also want to start thinking about your plan for the rest of the kickoff day.  Most teams will get together to watch the broadcast.  You may also want to think about having your first strategy brainstorming session at that time.  Some tips:

  • Have a plan for your brainstorming method before the big day
  • Assign time limits to each brainstorming activity
  • Make sure the encrypted manual is downloaded in several locations ahead of time to allow for team members to start reading the rules
  • Spend the first day analyzing the game, scoring methods, and strategies.  Don’t start talking about robot design until you have a strategy plan.
  • Remember that you’re robot doesn’t have to do everything, you will have partners.  It’s all about balance!!

Victor Speed Controller Sale!!!

IFI has announced that starting December 5th through April 15th, teams will be able to purchase the new Victor 888 Speed controllers for $50.   FIRST has not officially announced if the Victor 888 will be allowed for the 2013 competition but it may be worth the gamble to get some at a great price before the after kickoff rush.

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