Maryland Senior Mentor Newsletter – Oct 31st

Hello Maryland FRC teams,

I hope that everyone made it through Sandy safely and that those of you who lost power have regained it by now.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

1.  Saturday, November 3:  BAA Workshops at JHU APL

The Baltimore Area Alliance will host an Education Day on Sat. Nov. 3, 2012 sponsored by the JHU/APL STEM Program Management Office. The workshops are free, but registration is required. The workshops will be held from 8:30am – 4pm at the JHU/APL in Laurel.

To see the tentative agenda and location, and to register, visit:

These workshops are open to students, mentors, parents, and supporters of FRC in Maryland.  There may be a few spots left but there are no more food spots left.  Those registering at this point will need to bring their own lunch.  Registration will close at noon November 1st.

Kickoff Registration

Kickoff registration has begun.  The Chesapeake Regional Planning Committee is planning a local kickoff event at Capitol College again this year.  Teams can register through TIMS.  You’ll also be able to choose your delivery method for your kit of parts.  Keep in mind that if you elect to have your Kit of Parts shipped directly to you, you are responsible for the cost and you will receive your kit well after kickoff.  It is highly recommended that you choose to pick up your kit of parts at your local kickoff event.

What is a PDV?

FIRST has started to transition from their traditional Kit of Parts (KoP) to a hybrid KoP enabling teams to choose needed KoP components.  Teams will still receive several crates/boxes at kickoff but also have several options to supplement using a Virtual Kit of Parts.  That Virtual KoP includes the FIRST Choice system and other donated items from suppliers.  The “coupons” that allow for teams to receive those items for free are called Product Donation Vouchers or PDVs.

In the next few weeks, several of the non-game specific items will be made available to teams that have registered and paid for their first event.  On November 12th, FIRST Choice on the AndyMark website will open for viewing.  Ordering will begin on December 10th.  Also on December 10th, the rest of the Virtual KoP will become available.  Teams will receive codes and instructions in TIMS.  A list of items that will become available can be found here.


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