USRA STEMaction Center Open for FIRST Teams

STEMaction-v03med (640x206)Our new USRA STEMaction Center is now open for business.  FIRST teams can come for practice time on our FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST LEGO League playing fields. The STEMaction Center is located at 7178 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 (map).

We are open on Wednesdays from 4pm – 8pm, and we are working to set additional times (see calendar).  Please complete this Reservation form to request use of the facility during our open times or on other dates.  While you can walk in during our open times, we cannot guarantee access to the practice fields unless your team has a reservation.

Any FIRST team using the facility must be accompanied by at least one adult team mentor for every 4 students attending.  The adult team mentors must have passed FIRST‘s Youth Protection Screening and must agree to a facility-use waiver on behalf of their team.