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A FIRST Robotics Competition team operates as a small business and requires many skills from its students and mentors.  We encourage teams to help each other develop these skills through a variety of workshops each season.  Presentations from the workshops are gathered and presented here:

2015 Workshops
2014 Workshops
2013 Workshops
2012 Workshops
2011 Workshops
2010 Workshops
2009 Workshops

One of the leaders in offering training, the Baltimore Area Alliance represents a group of FIRST Robotics Competition teams in Baltimore and surrounding counties.  Member teams work cooperatively in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism, sharing information, helping others with funding, sponsoring off-season events like the Battle o' Baltimore and hosting FRC training workshops.  The BAA is proud to welcome the Chesapeake Regional to the Baltimore area.  Go to the Baltimore Area Alliance website to learn more.