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FRClogo color webOn October 24, 2015, the Baltimore Area Alliance presented a full day of sessions for all Maryland team members and mentors at the JHU Applied Physics Lab.  Presentations from the day are collected here.  Our thanks to all the mentors and team members that participated and presented, and special thanks to the BAA, Tom Milnes and all the organizers and volunteers at the event.


Presentations from October 24, 2015 FRC Education Day presented by the Baltimore Area Alliance

Education Day Agenda

CAD Workshop Presentation -- Peter Sloan (Team 1719)

CAD Workshop Curriculum -- Peter Sloan (Team 1719)

Team Image and Branding -- Team 1111

What is FIRST Presentation -- Team 1111

Leadership Training -- Team 1111

Chassis - Drive Train 101 -- Tom Milnes (Team 2199)

Manipulators 101 -- Tom Milnes (Team 2199)

Motors 101 -- Tom Milnes (Team 2199)

LabVIEW for FRC -- Jayesh Jariwala (Team 2528)

Advanced Control System Techniques -- Robobees Team 836

Advanced Sensor Integration -- Robobees Team 836

Analyzing Scouting Data with Advanced Analytic Tools -- Robobees Team 836

Basic Sensors -- Robobees Team 836

Electrical Wiring and Hardware -- Robobees Team 836

Engineering Design Process -- Robobees Team 836

Robot Automation -- Robobees Team 836

Team Structure and Organization -- Robobees Team 836

Additional resources and downloads -- Robobees Team 836