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2016 Maryland FIRST Tech Challenge Championship

     Closing Ceremony and Awards

     Final Rounds

     Qualifying Rounds

     Pits & Preparations

     Jr. FLL Expo

     Welcome & Opening Ceremony

  The photos in this album are provided courtesy of Maryland FIRST, with thanks to photographer William Bailey. Teams are free to use them without remuneration for marketing, fundraising and promotion.  

Maryland "RES-Q" FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Event Results

Forty-eight teams came to Georgetown Preparatory on February 21, 2016 to compete for top honors at the Maryland FTC Championship.  All the teams were winners, having advanced through at least one of eight Maryland/DC Qualifiers to reach this stage.  Our Award Winners are listed here. Check the sidebar for more pictures from the event.

We want to thank Georgetown Preparatory and all the volunteers for helping us host a terrific event.  We also thank our national FTC sponsors, Rockwell Collins and PTC, and our Maryland sponsors, including Rockwell Collins, USRA, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, UPS, Microsoft, Bechtel, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and Capitol Technology University for their support.  USRA STEMaction Center, Inc. is the FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Hubble Divison Goddard Divison
Match Results Match Results
Final Rankings

Final Rankings

Elimination Ladder

Elimination Ladder

Final Elimination Results


Eight teams earned invitations to the FIRST Tech Challenge East Super-Regional Championship in Scranton, PA on March 18-20, 2016. Lisiting of advancing teams below:

Advancement Reason

Team #

Team Name

Inspire Award Winner


Mechanical Paradox

Winning Alliance Captain


Cubix^3 (already advancing)

Inspire Award 2nd place


electron Volts

Winning Alliance, 1st team selected


electron Volts (advancing above)

Inspire Award 3rd place


RM'd and Dangerous

Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected



Think Award Winner


Grey Jedi

Finalist Alliance Captain


Bo-Bots (already advancing)

Connect Award Winner


RM'd and Dangerous (advancing above)

Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected


Green Machine Reloaded

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award Winner


Bo-Bots (advancing above)

Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected


Hound Bots II

PTC Design Award Winner


electron Volts (advancing above)

Motivate Award Winner




Congratulations to all the winners and participants at the 2015 Maryland FTC Championship!!