Starting a Team

A FIRST LEGO League Jr team can be started by anyone whether it be your neighborhood, your school, your after school program, your organization, etc.

If there is no existing FLL Jr team at your school or organization, the best way to get involved is to form a new FLL Jr team. A great starting point is the FIRST website's page on Starting a Team. Here are some suggestions to get going:

Steps to Forming a Team:

  • Need at least 2 adults as coaches, and a coach is allowed to coach multiple teams. No special technical experience is required except for your passion to guide the team in learning. Lead Coach registers team members​, and more information on specifics can be found at
  • Recruit 2-6 kids, though 4 is best, and be between the ages 6 to 10 
  • Select a meeting place and facilitate regular meetings. The meetings can be held anywhere, and the meets can be between 45 –60 minutes, 12 – 16 weeks.

  • Register the team with FIRST: $99 (paid once) towards FIRST and Local Partner: $35 (Same price as registering for the Expos). More information can be found at FLL Jr. Expo Registration and First Inspires FLL Jr: Cost and Registration
  • Guidebooks  
     Team Meeting Notebook
    Coaches will use this guidebook on how to conduct their team meetings

    Engineering Notebook
    Six per team​
    Each day's class and classwork in it​
    Try to get students to be creative when drawing or documenting in the notebook.  You will use ideas from here for your show me board​


1st Time Teams: Approximately $1000/- will cover cost FIRST registration, Local Partner cost, two sets of WEDO 2.0 kit and additional Lego pieces, T-shirts, and soft cost like poster board, glue, lettering, etc.​

Robots and Supplies needed:

Older Teams: Approximately $500/- covers every cost besides the WEDO 2.0 and additional LEGO pieces​

Raising Funds

The FIRST Inspires site has a page that provides a variety of resources for raising money:

Other ways that teams can get funding could be through the workplace of the team members' parents and or through partnerships with local businesses and foundations.

In-Kind Donations

If money is difficult to obtain, you can try getting the items more directly. There are organizations that could be open to help the team that can be reached out to. One of these ways can be through the businesses of the parents, especially if their workplace has supplies, such as LEGO pieces and blank t-shirts.

More Information

The Show-Me board/poster is essentially a snapshot of what the students learned in the 12/16 weeks

LEGO model and Show Me Poster

FIRST Inspires: FLL Jr Challenges and Resources (for 2019-'20 Boomtown)

Team Management Resources

FLL Jr Resource Library



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kiana Fok at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.