MD FLL Jr. Events - at a glance...

  • Before teams are able to attend expos in our region, they must first register with FIRST. Go to and click on register on the top right.
  • Once registered with FIRST, a team must then register with Maryland. Events take place both alongside other robotics competitions and on their own from December - June.
  • Teams may attend as many events as they would like!
  • All Maryland FLL Jr. expos are open to teams from our neighboring regions. 
  • Our calendar of events is constantly being updated. You can find the current list of events here
  • Expos typically last up to 3 hours and include activities, interaction with other robotics programs, and interview with our stellar expo reviewers.  
  • The fee for expos in Maryland is $35/team.  

Event registration for Boomtown Build is open! 

You can register for individual events at