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You can register for MD/DC Qualifying events in the form at the bottom of this page. 

To help address any questions you may have, please read through our FAQ and notes on the registration process prior to completing the form.  

General Notes

+ Participation in FIRST Tech Challenge should be treated like participation in any other sport or extracurricular activity.  + Our competition season runs from December – February.  This means that your team needs to be ready to compete from December – February.  + While we will always work to accommodate our teams and provide the best competition experience possible, we are unable to adjust your event assignment for vacations, sporting events, music, other competitions, etc…  + As with most other extracurriculars and sports, traveling and fundraising are part of FIRST Tech Challenge.  All but a few of our teams are within a very manageable 3 hour drive of 3 or more events.  +  


Payment Notes

+ The in-region program fee is $300/team and gives you play at two events. + If you’re an out-of-region team, are seking third play, or are only seeking one event – the cost is $200/event. We will not accept payment from, or make assignments to teams that have not fully completed registration with FIRST.  (This means having no outstanding balance with FIRST and having two adult coaches/mentors that have completed FIRST screening procedures.  You can check both of these in your dashboard at +

Checks can be made out to USRA and mailed to: 

USRA STEMaction Center

7178 Columbia Gateway Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

**Don’t forget to include your team name and number in the memo line. 

+ You can pay online via paypal or credit card, online payment instructions will be sent to teams with assignments.  + Invoices are and generated every two weeks.  + We are unable to accept cash payments. +


Event Selection Notes

+ MD/DC Teams seeking two or more plays MUST participate in one of the first six events.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  + You will be asked to rank the first six events for your first choice, then have the option to rank all events for your subsequent choice(s). + Note to out-of-region and 3rd play teams: Requesting to either *compete early in our season and/or *at locations in the rural parts of our region will yield the highest possibility of additional play. + 


 Event Assignment Notes

 + Event assignments will be sent in batches, every two weeks.  You will receive your assignment for your first event separate from assignments for the subsequent events.  + Event assignments are made to teams from our own region, then additional slots are given approximately one month prior to an event using our tiered priorirty system.  Tier 1: Teams registered in Maryland or DC that have not been assigned the 2 qualifiers guaranteed by our program structure.  Tier 2: Any teams in our FIRST Ecosystem (DC, MD, and VA) seeking an additional play.  Tier 3: Any teams from our neighboring regions, in this order: WV, DE, PA  Tier 4: Any teams from any other region seeking play in MD/DC. + Events are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.We are unable to hold spots at any events. +  

If the form below does not load, you can access our registration form by copying and pasting this URL: