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FLL032_BLW_webWe need volunteers for the Maryland State Championship

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  • Saturday, February 24, 2018 - UMBC, Catonsville, MD 



  • Judges and logistics volunteers needed. Both technical and non-technical judges welcome and no background in robotics is required for any of the roles. Training is provided for all positions.


  • FIRST LEGO League teams will be competing with their robots on the field and presenting their “Hydro Dynamics” project in judging. They will also be judged on teamwork and robot design. For more information about the FIRST LEGO League program: FLL - for ages 9-14
  • FIRST LEGO League Junior teams will be presenting their “show-me” posters and their models. For more information about FIRST LEGO League Junior program: FLLJr - for ages 6-10


Questions about volunteering?  Jenny Beatty,



Maryland FIRST LEGO League Volunteer Opportunities

Our programs, operations and competitions don't happen without hundreds of people just like you.  The Maryland FIRST LEGO League qualifiers and championship will engage more than 1,200 volunteers supporting 20 competitions between December-March.

It takes a wide range of volunteers to run the FIRST LEGO League competitions. Some volunteer positions require technical skills but many simply require enthusiasm and willingness to help support FIRST.




Process to apply to volunteer:

1. Look over our FIRST in Maryland calendar of events.

2. Look over the FIRST LEGO League volunteer roles.

3. Not sure which event or role you are interested in? Fill out the 2-minute Maryland FIRST Volunteer Interest Form.

4. Know which event(s) and roles you are interested in?  Register in the FIRST Volunteer Information and Matching System (VIMS). You will provide your background information, apply for positions at specific events, and indicate the days you are available.

NOTE: You need to apply to at least one event to trigger the Youth Protection Clearance screening process. You may opt out of providing your social security number and/or making a donation.

5. The local Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you.

Youth Protection Program

FIRST is dedicated to promoting safety, and security, for participants, volunteers, and staff who attend FIRST events. The procedures we have established protect you as a volunteer, and FIRST as an organization.

Age requirements for volunteers: Event Volunteers who are 18 years of age or older, are required to obtain Youth Protection Clearance (YPC). Event volunteers must be at least 13 years of age, however, some events set a higher minimum age requirement.

More information on the FIRST Youth Protection Program (YPP) and the Youth Protection Clearance (YPC).

Volunteer Schedules & Training

Most volunteers check-in around 7am. Events will provide breakfast and lunch.

There is training available for all event positions. Some training will be available on-line and other training occurs on-site.